Announcing!  The 2018 Deep Time Video Awards  



Where did we come from? 

Where are we going?

How are we attuning ourselves to a stunning evolving Earth and Universe?


Fire up your video cameras now and start shooting.  We’re hosting the Deep Time Video Awards in order to smoke out the amazing work that’s ALREADY happening around the world to attune ourselves to the larger context of a stunning evolving universe.  We know you’re already doing it!  Time to share your work with the world!

What’s “Deep Time”?  Regular time has to do with days, weeks, years, decades and hundreds, even thousands of years.  Deep Time has to do with millions and billions of years.  At the level of Deep Time we see that the whole universe is evolving, and that we are part of a cosmic arc of transformation.  What does this mean for how we view everything?  Our aim on the Deep Time Journey Network, and with these Awards, is show how the impulse to understand this stunning idea is expressing itself around the globe.  How are humans integrating these ideas that are so new to our species?  Show us what’s happening in your world. 

What do we mean by “Universe”?  The universe is everything.  Every star, every comet, every flea, every mountain, every river.  When we use the word universe, we’re talking not only to what’s out in space, but to  everything because everything is part of the universe, and IS theuniverse being that thing.

What we’re looking for:  We’re looking for videos that encompass deep time, are scientifically rigorous, and move and inspire us to engage in the work of evolving our planet and by extension the universe.  Make extra sure that your science is accurate.  We’re looking for videos that show these principles.



  1. Context: Orient to a vast evolving universe.
  2. Connection: See how everything is connected.
  3. Transformation: Nurture inner growth and engagement.
  4. Action: Evolve the universe.
  5. Continuum: Link together the stages of lifelong learning.



Category Descriptions:

  • Deep Time Video of the Year ($1000)

    This award will go to the best video submitted for all categories.

  • Classroom Teaching Video ($500)

Goes to the best video of a teacher telling a deep time story.  Stories must be scientifically accurate and cover billions of years.  If they are nested deep time stories within the story of the universe, such as the story of humans, they must cover millions of years and relate to the universe.  We’re looking for videos that appeal to head and heart, evoking wonder and inspiring intense engagement.  Submit a video and inspire other teachers!  All of the Great Stories in Montessori Cosmic Education would qualify.  Submissions can be for primary, elementary & secondary levels. For primary, the video doesn’t need to be about time, rather, it needs to give the child a deep sense of wonder and connection to the whole universe.

  • Teacher Training Video ($500)

Goes to the best video for training teachers about the important of deep time learning.  Doesn’t have to be long.  We’re looking for videos turn teachers on to the importance of deep time learning (cosmic education) and how it can change a students relation to learning, themselves and the world.

  • Student Telling a Deep Time Story ($250)

Goes to the best video of a student telling a deep time story.  See the requirements under “Classroom Teaching Video.”  In this category,  we’re looking for elementary and above. The deep time stories can be about the universe, earth, human evolution, evolution of writing and math.  All stories should relate the universe.  These videos can also take place outside the classroom, in nature, in the community.   Most important, it shows young people telling the story.

  • Deep Time Meditation ($250)

Goes to the best video of a meditation that connects and attunes us to the universe, inspiring us to fully engage in it’s deep time story.  

  • Deep Time Problem Solving ($250)

How can we use a deep time perspective for solving problems local and global problems?  How does a deep time perspective provide a framework for understanding local and global problems — their origin impact on the deep time future?  Are you using a deep time perspective for personal problem solving?  Remember, we’re talking deep time here . . . that means millions, and even billions, of years into the past and the future.  This award will go to the best video that shows how.

  • Deep Time Art/Music/Dance ($250)

How are you telling deep time stories in music, art or dance for all audiences, in schools, colleges, communities?  Submit them in this category.  

  • Deep Time Values ($250)

This award goes to the video that best shows how a deep time perspective can inform our values such as cooperation, justice, peace, resilience, grit, care for the Earth, civic engagement. 

  • Deep Time Ritual ($250)

What deep time rituals are you doing in schools, communities, churches, temples and more?  Submit them in this category.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Must be a member of the Deep Time Journey Network.  (Membership is free, simply requires sign up).
  2. All submissions must be original and the entrant must hold the copyright; and must have permission to use material from others.
  3. You will continue to hold the copyright to your video.
  4. All videos must have an opening intro and credits.
  5. You give DTJN permission to post all or part of your video on the DTJN website and in videos that DTJN produces. 

Deadline for Submissions:  January 15, 2018

Judges:  Judges include advisers to the DTJN, leaders in teacher training centers, and many others involved in deep time work for a long. 

WINNING VIDEOS will be featured on the Deep Time Journey Network home page, facebook page, twitter, and numerous other places to be announced soon.   

Submitting your video: 

  1.  First, load your video on a host site such as YouTube or Vimeo.  You will submit your video as a link.

      2.  There is a $25 submission fee.

      3.  Go to this page to submit your video.


For more information, write to [email protected]