Director, Deeptime Leadership and Wellbeing Program

Stephan Martin is an astronomer, educator, and author who has taught astronomy, physics, and consciousness studies at colleges, universities, and learning centers across the US for over twenty-five years. Between 2003-2008 he studied directly with Brian Swimme and others at the California Institute of Integral Studies, out of which came his first book Cosmic Conversations, in which he held dialogues with scientists, spiritual teachers, and cultural creatives on the nature of the universe and our role in it. Since then he has led workshops on the New Cosmology at seminars and retreat centers across the US and Europe and has been active in exploring multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the universe.  He is currently adjunct faculty in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies graduate program at John F Kennedy University where he teaches a course on “Cosmology and Consciousness.”

President, Deeptime Network

Jennifer Morgan, president and founder of the Deeptime Network, is an award-winning author, storyteller, and educator inspired by the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Maria Montessori, Thomas Berry, and Brian Swimme. Her Universe Story Trilogy — Born With a BangFrom Lava to Life, and Mammals Who Morph — are used in classrooms around the world, particularly in Montessori schools as part of the Cosmic Education Curriculum, and have received the Teachers Choice Award, Nautilus Semi Finalist, highest ratings from AAAS and endorsements from Jane Goodall, Neil de Grasse Tyson, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and others.  She is Vice President of the American Teilhard Association.  Her life inspiration is to foster emergence by helping to link a planetary nervous system of people immersed in this radical new understanding.

Tech Support and Adjunct Faculty

Gerardo López-Amaro joins us from Mexico where he engages in activist scholarship around Buen Vivir, ecopedagogies and practices of re-existence. He explores ways to highlight the experiments to co-create viable alternatives to the current system and address the global challenges of our times. He is a PhD candidate in Anthropology and Social Change by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) of San Francisco, where he wonders about the possibilities for the emergence of the pluriverse even in dense liberal societies learning with grassroots movements. He is also part of the Steering Committee of the Ecoversities Alliance.


Deeptime Meditation Mentor and We-Space Facilitator

Margie Abbott calls herself an elder and is devoted to working for thriving communities for the rest of her life.   Margie is qualified to teach and guide because of  her long life experience and reflection on that life experience. Her professional qualifications include education, theology, spirituality, group facilitation and psychodrama. Margie is actively involved as a member of XR in regular nonviolent actions for climate change.


Coherence Guide

Penny AndrewsD.Min, MA, has had a lifelong interest in spirituality, creativity and consciousness as paths to intuition and deeper knowing. This passion led to the study of forms of art as meditation at the University of Creation Spirituality. She is an ordained interfaith minister, and during her career as a hospital chaplain applied a variety of healing modalities in her work with patients and family caregivers of all spiritual backgrounds.  A retreat leader and Earth activist, Penny been actively involved in Creation Spirituality, The Work that Reconnects, the Earth Charter and DeepTime studies.  Currently, she guides a weekly Work that Reconnects meditation, offers a monthly webinar with Gail Ransom called Global Kinship, serves on the board of directors of Creation Spirituality Communities, is a regular speaker at a local Unitarian Universalist congregation, and provides spiritual companioning for others.  She is co-creating a food forest on the drumlin in Wisconsin where she has lived for 30 years.  She’s a certified Deeptime Leader with the Deeptime Network.

Emergence Mentor


Lisa Verni, LCSW, is a seasoned psychotherapist, deeptime consultant, writer, artist, and dancer who loves helping people live their authentic lives through alignment with the Universe.  Stephan Martin sees her as a ‘cosmic lamplighter’ because of her particular gift of reflecting back people’s radiant energy to develop their allurements.   Lisa holds degrees in Business/Marketing and Clinical Social Work from NYU, and is a Certified Deeptime Leader.  In completing her Emergence Project, Lisa created an artistic and therapeutic offering called “Dancing with the Pain”.   It is meant to inspire hope and understanding through the embodiment and expression of a Deeptime Perspective.  It can be found at  Lisa lectures on topics such as  ‘Applying A Deeptime Perspective to Psychotherapy’ and ‘On Creative Process’, and will be joining us throughout the program to share her Emergences.   Please feel free to contact her directly at [email protected] for mentoring and Deeptime Conversation.