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Dr. Kasey Wagoner

Kasey Wagoner, Ph.D.
Lecturer of Physics
Princeton University

Education and Public Outreach Coordinator
Simons Observatory and Atacama Cosmology Telescope

I have always enjoyed looking up at the night sky and thinking about how the universe could be understood with the fundamental physical principles we have discovered on earth. When I moved to New Jersey in 2015 I joined the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) and Simons Observatory (SO) collaborations. Both of these groups measure the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. They use these measurements and our understanding of physics to improve our knowledge of the universe and how it has evolved.

Before coming to Princeton I worked on laboratory tests of gravity. These experiments aimed to test models which attempt to unify gravity with quantum mechanics. These experiments provide a fun, but challenging, opportunity to test some of the most fundamental aspects of physics in the lab.

Outside the office/lab I spend most of my time hunting for interesting, new foods with my wife (like me, she enjoys all kinds of ethnic foods) and my dog (unlike me, he mostly likes whatever he can get in his mouth on our daily walks). I am also an avid sports fan and spend a lot of time watching and playing anything I can. Recently I started making wine and doing minor wood working projects. These activities have helped keep me grounded and my head out of the stars!