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DTLWP (2023-2024) — Certification Track Info

Resources for Participants Getting Certified

To see a list of Participants currently getting certified, click here
Feel free to contact each other through the site messaging system.  🙂

To check on your assignment submissions and progress – click here

Benchmark Questions (Module 2)

Here are the type of questions you will explore about your project in Module 2. These will be responded to as quizzes in sessions 2, 4, 6, and 8.  You can also use the link to the Deeptime Emergence worksheet on the main course page as a guide as well.

What is the Context out of which your project and/or current allurement is arising? What are the contexts, life circumstances, communities your project will impact or benefit? How is this context a holon inside of the larger Whole?

Link to Quiz for Context – click here

What is the community in which your project and/or allurement is embedded? Who are the human and non-human stakeholders for the project? How can the matrix and embeddedness of the project be a support for its expression in the world?

Link to Quiz for Matrix – click here


How is your own subjectivity (allurement) guiding this project’s expression into the world and impacting your own subjectivity?

Does your project influence the subjectivity of others and if so, how? How might others perceive and experience your project?

Link to Quiz for Subjectivity – click here

How will you guide this project into the world? If relevant, please outline concrete action steps you plan to take to express this project in the world, with a timeline for action, if possible.  Describe ways you are using and applying Deeptime thinking and principles in expressing your allurement into the world and your project.

Link to Quiz for Action – click here

Certification Benefits

Small Group Meetings with lead teacher Stephan Martin and/or other mentors throughout the program – four times in module 1 during weeks 1, 4, 6, 8; four times in module 2; and four times in module 3.  (See below for specific weeks.)

Receive Mentoring on Your Project from teachers and others in the course and wider Deeptime Network.

Meditation Mentoring  Deeptime meditation coordinators will be reaching out to you to begin mentoring you in leading Deeptime-oriented meditations, starting in Module 2.

Referral Service Listed in site referral service and networking opportunities after the program

Follow up Meetings After Program:  Certification cohort will meet two times in the year after the program for additional support.  Certificate recipients will have the opportunity to visit next year’s leadership training. The dates for the follow up meetings will be posted at a later time.

Requirements for all Three Modules

Demonstrate knowledge & competency through reflection assignments, leading meditations, and other assignments in each module.  For reflections, scroll to the bottom of the session pages and click on “View the Lesson Quiz.”  Eighty percent is required to pass.  See the section on Reflection Assignments below for more information on them.

Deeptime meditation leadership:  In this program you will be asked to lead a Deeptime meditation.  We will share more information about this and our Deeptime meditation leaders will be in touch with you.  (See more meditation information below including link to schedule.)

Prepare a Reflection or Creative Expression at the end of each module.  More information on these assignments will be posted in the course space, but essentially it is a one-page (500 words or less) reflection or creative expression on how the material and your experience in this module deepened your understanding of yourself, your leadership role in your community, and your work in the world.

Develop and Present a Deeptime Project of your choice, as an individual or with others, in Module 3. By week 6 of Module 2, please submit a description of your project to Steve. A separate document on the project and its requirements is forthcoming.

Attendance Requirement:  Please attend 80% or more of the live sessions. If you can’t make a session, then please let us know and view the recording.

Completion Requirement:  Satisfactory completion (80% or higher) of all assessments.

Invite guests to the final session of Module 3, where participants will be encouraged to share and celebrate their projects with the Deeptime community and invited guests.

Become a Deeptime Ambassador:  Certificate recipients are encouraged to build bridges and share their deeptime perspective with other like-minded individuals, organizations, and communities.


Please read two papers before the week 8 session during Module 1 with Margie Abbott

  1.  Margie Abbott’s letter to Certificate group click here
  2. Holding a Group and Leading Meditations in an Ecozoic Era, by Margie Abbott click here.

Info and Requirements for Module 1

Meeting schedule for certificate people: we meet during pod weeks (1, 4, 6, 8).

Reflection assignments (quizzes):   Reflections for each module will be available in weeks 4, 6, 8, and 10.  The link to the quiz is located at the bottom of the session page. Please complete by the following week.

Note you can “Save Quiz” and then return to it at a future time. Once you’re ready to submit your responses select “Complete Quiz” and the system will submit your responses so that Steve can see them. We recommend writing your responses to the reflection (quiz) questions in a separate document and then pasting them into the quiz interface (just in case the system has a glitch and doesn’t accept your submission). You can retake a reflection if needed, and this is done by choosing “Reset Quiz.”  If you do a reset, be sure to save your open ended answers so you can paste them into the new quiz.

Attendance: – please attend 80% or more of the live sessions

Final Reflection for Module 1: a one-page (500 words or less) reflection or creative expression on how the material and your experience in this module deepened your understanding of yourself, your leadership role in your community, and your work in the world. More details on this reflection will be shared during the module.

Deeptime Meditation Info

Penny Andrews and Margie Abbott will be working with certificate track participants to help them develop and offer Deeptime meditations and alignment exercises.   Both are highly experienced guides.  Margie shares her intention with mentoring participants in the following way: “I work to develop spontaneity when offering a meditation and thus build confidence.  It is about teaching how to prepare the self to lead a meditation. ” From this centered place of confidence in themselves and in their own emergence, participants can develop and lead their own meditations.

To see their bios, click here.

Please read two papers before the week 8 session during Module 1 with Margie Abbott

  1.  Margie Abbott’s letter to Certificate group click here
  2. Holding a Group and Leading Meditations in an Ecozoic Era, by Margie Abbott click here.

Meditation Schedule
To see where you are on the meditation schedule.  Coming soon!

Judith Keller, one of the graduates of the Deeptime Leadership Program in 2022, has collated scripts of many of the Deeptime meditations developed and offered by the Deeptime Certificate program participants. Links to the meditations are listed below. You’re welcome to offer and share these meditations with others as long as you give credit to the original source for the meditation.

Meditation scripts for module one – click here
Meditation scripts for module two – click here
Meditation scripts for module three – click here

Meditation Guidelines

Cover Message
Here’s the cover message that people on the certificate track regarding guidelines for their meditation.

Dear [Potential Leader],

So glad you can lead the meditation on XXX date.

We’re guiding people in how to transition into the meditation and essentialize the experience so it can be powerful and transformative.

  1. Reflect on the Deeptime Principle for your session before creating your meditation.
  2. To start, invite people to close their eyes and take a breath.
  3. Please keep your words to no more than 200, preferably less, and within the time frame of 3 minutes.  When you speak, let your words drop into the silence in a slow and meditative pace.
  4. Create lots of silence  (similar to Lectio Divina)
  5. Repeat key words or phrases, (Optional)
  6. Practice  to see how it feels for you and adjust

Here are our Deeptime Meditation Guidelines for further reference.

Please let me know the outline of your meditation and if you need any tech support.

I’ll let Steve know the flow and logistics for the session’s offering and if any tech support is needed.



Meditation Guidelines (Longer doc)

Here’s the link to a longer doc describing meditation guidelines.   Click here!

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