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Di Shearer

Great to have your contribution, Bernice. Stephen Hawkins is certainly a pillar of strength and insight in today’s times. I love the mathematics of it all. Some years ago I started talking about the chemistry of the body, the physics of the mind and the mathematics of the spirit! It’s the ‘within of things’ in its own way.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Brian’s post talks about wholeness and unity and our being called into evolutionary consciousness. Denise’s of the cosmic becoming … wanting to manifest in me. Bernice’s of the mysteriously and simultaneously cosmic and personal. Ilia Delio speaks of the third nature of Christ – the cosmic. She also emphasises collective consciousness to undo the individualism that has so taken hold of Western ways.

All this reinforces in me the final three words of the vision statement of Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction (AECSD) which is ‘ to listen the life-giving presence of God into articulation in the individual and the community. ‘In the community!’ It seems to me that the one to one compassionate and discerning listening we do as spiritual directors/guides needs more and more to be supplemented by the one-to-many and many-to-many listening which this deep time journeying is all about.

I look forward to your further comments.