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Orla Hazra

Thank you Jennifer for bringing up the idea of a ritual library. I think it is crucial. The language of the rituals that are currently enacted around the globe are often anthropocentric because they were developed over time by folks with anthropocentric lenses and that Mystery was somewhere ‘else’…cartesian cosmology and all of that. This needs to be identified and corrected. To continue as we are doing cements cartesian anthropocentricsism in a ritual setting….blessing a dysfunctional cosmology. We need language and actions in liturgical settings that heal our cosmology, gather us together in the recognition of being bound together in an unfolding mystery, with Mystery. The response to Mystery then becomes our response-ability to live other lives. All the prayers said through the day can all be adjusted, the liturgical year (within Christianity) will all be renewed with changed language. In India at Tarumitra (the ecoliteracy centre in Patna) some Christian prayers were being adapted, mass celebrated outside a large percentage and various hindu or islamic rituals ‘greened’ (if not already explicityly so) The hindu rituals are very elaborate expressions of interconnection. SOE Terri has some Cathlic ones on her web page. The chef from An Taerseach said a lovely ‘grace’ before we ate at Drumalis. I asked her for a copy of it (will collect it when i go down there)…..these things can be put on the network. It is a gift to be able to creatively put rituals together and unfortunatley I think they get lost because note taking is not something one does in a ritual, and then it is over and then the person who put it together is gone. With the network they will be on the shelf for us to share. there are a few books i have found with nice prayers. As part of the eco-congregation in the parish I have to make up some ‘prayers of the faithful’ through a deep time journey perspective…that will be fun.
For birthday cards and birthday parties I always say happy “birthday to a 13.7 billion year soul, plus one”…..that causes much chagrin if the person is not familiar with the deep time journey, but does take them by surprise…..cast seeds when possible, right?