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Terri MacKenzie

The posts ahead of mine are so rich! Thank you, Jennifer, Orla, Sam and Paula! When I first learned about this forum (and possibly the reason Jennifer suggested I join it), I had in mind rituals like those on my site (Stardust Wednesday, Winter Solstice, and World Environment Day). But reading your posts, and thinking deeper, the options expanded. Orla’s birthday ritual reminded me of the Universe Story cards that Mary Alice Dooley makes ([email protected]). Opening 12 tabs, starting with Our Story Begins and continuing until 40,000 years ago, leads to the now-open card that celebrates the life of the birthday person who was born 13.7 billion years ago. Sending these would become a similar ritual to Orla’s. How one starts the day is surely a ritual — some bodily or musical signs of awareness that we are rotating as we hurl around our Star; aware where we are in time and space? Beginnings and endings of contemplative times; ditto for meals. And music! Yes, all the arts. I admit to being woefully remiss about dancing. My sisters from Nigeria and Ghana do it so spontaneously, and I would benefit from encouragement. (An anti-trafficking group encouraged everyone to dance for five minutes last week to send energy to stop trafficking. I made sure I did it, sent around the email, and later learned that 15 sisters at our Infirmary joined in dancing for this cause!) I’m looking forward to finding time to continue exploring this important topic with you!