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Richard Ohlrogge

It was a momentous event with so many people anxiously awaiting the start of the series. I actually attended the advanced of this first episode at the American Museum of Natural History in New York on this past Tuesday and what was particularly impressive to me was of the almost 1000 people attending I would guess that as much as 75% were young people under the age of 30. The excitement in the audience was palpable!! I watched it again last night with family and friends and the reaction was positive but still many had deeper questions which hopefully will be addressed in future episodes. Neil and Ann Druyan and the rest of the people creating this series did a fabulous job with the production which certainly spurs the imagination although I am not sure how deeply the awareness underlying the story will penetrate children’s minds at the different age levels. I just did a search of your Resources section and I could not find any reference to the Big HIstory Project. Since they have spent the last 3 years beta-testing curricula on this theme in high schools I would love to hear from educator’s who are involved in that project. In fact the Director of the Big HIstory Project, Bob Bain, had some interesting comments in a presentation he made last year at an educator’s conference in New York. Here is the link –