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Linda Fitch

I eagerly awaited this program as yet another potentially important effort to “tell the science based story of the Cosmos” – interestingly presented, I thought, on the Fox Network. The images, as it began, were spectacular but I was initially unhappy with what I experienced as very loud and unduly dramatic music, drowning out, I thought, the story teller. But I agree with Jennifer that it calmed down after a bit, and the narrative became more understandable. Several things: I was fascinated by the portrayal of the Catholic Church fathers as such dramatically evil villains….not that I disagree… but it was very interesting to see this particular bit of history expressed in “cartoon” form and wondered how it would be received by the public in general. Particularly by the religion vs science folk. I thought that in general the portrayal of the scale of time was very powerful, though it would have been so easy to add the image of a dinosaur or two during Tyson’s walk through the forest- as an appeal to kids in a classroom.

Overall I would say hurray! And I, with Jennifer, will be very interested to hear from classroom teachers as to the use of the series in the classroom.