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Sam Guarnaccia

Thank you, Jennifer, for the evocative questions and reflection, and wonderful to have Richard and Linda’s wisdom! We resonate with everything said so far, and since we have no cable or TV service, watched on a streamed FOX app, and for the first time in a long time, were drowning in commercials. Along with the exotic ultra high tech production, at first felt somewhat ‘over-stimulated’, but as with others, got used to it. (Having said this…..I LOVE to be overstimulated, but like to choose the occasion). Because this is so critically important, it worried me that the profound insights of the Journey might be lost in the ‘super production’, in the ‘similarity’ to ‘all the other’ spectacles that have become common media fare (‘Avatar’ to phenomenal NG productions….). As a final ‘reservation’, I could have done without the invocation (in the introduction) of the HERO, especially of the scientist as American hero. OK, it is no accident that FOX got this magnificent vehicle for its agenda, or that the sponsor for Rachel Maddow’s show is an OIL company.

It is beautiful, profoundly important and effective in all the stated ways, though the hero vs. villain presentation, especially for young minds, perpetuates a ‘bumper-sticker’ history, the story of Separation, in a show designed to open the heart-mind to a NEW STORY. I would definitely use it in the classroom; any level, and it is fabulous that it is emerging now. I love Neil deGrasse Tyson’s exuberant and brilliant being, and am honored to know someone whose books and work he endorsed!
Thank you, Richard, for sharing your wonderful experience at the American Museum of Natural History. Can’t wait until the next one!