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Orla Hazra

Hi Rich!
Congratulations on getting this far addressing the moribund system of schooling happening globally….it itself is moribund and produces (the mechanical universe as its base!) students who are like parrots with a huge void inside. Keep fine tuning what you want to say. Systems of schooling now are very hard to change as as been my experience when i have approached schools to engage with big history/universe story. BUT we all know there are pockets around and the movement is growing…it has to….that is how the cosmos works! I invite you to read my dissertation (fordham 2009) on this site and see what i did as far as addressing the importance of our story and placeing it in conversation with the wisdoms of religion, indigenous and women to heal our bio/psych/social/spiritual alienation. Also be aware that the same school that awarded me the dissertation is not offering a course in it……they want to make money….even as an elective they are not interested. But ….nothing stops me from chipping away, presenting the facts and jumping for joy when someone opens the door! congratulations