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Fred Adam

Hello, from my point of view of audiovisual and multimedia creator, i believe that there is a great opportunity to think about documentaries like this one as a open door to the access of online didactic media for teachers and students. Yes, watching this documentary is really great, the cinematic is beautiful but how to really involve students after watching it, what kind of documents related to the movie we can use ? I saw that there is a app called “ The Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” but i can’t get it because it is restricted to the US then i don’t know what kind of documents we can find inside. I am very interested by some experiments combining a TV program with a website or a smartphone app. A technology called “Audio Watermarking” permits to synchronize in real time information from a movie or a documentary to another screen, computer, tablet or whatever. Some inaudible sound frequencies for the human ear are coded into the soundtrack and can be recognized by digital devices with microphones. Being able to trigger some “learning modules” along the Cosmos documentary and selecting the one we are interested in for further study in the classroom could be a very nice improvement for this documentary. Today the Audio Watermarking is mostly used to contaminate with advertising but it could be really easy to make a interesting use of this technology in the context of Big History. I just played with Photoshop and made a graphic of what the multi-screen experience could be with Cosmos, have a look:


more references about this technology:
Cosmos app: http://www.fox.com/cosmosontv/cosmos-message