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Sam Guarnaccia

Dear Rich, Cynthia, Orla, Jennifer, and Lawrence (ALL seems contrary to the essence of my brief offering to this wonderful dialogue!),
There is so much here, that brevity and simplicity seem the best strategy. Two things arise for me (among others):1. Fritjof Capra, in speaking of living systems (which CANNOT be understood by ‘analysis’ (taking them apart), talks about membranes, that they are ‘boundaries of identity, NOT separation’. This wonderful distinction is immensely helpful in a multitude of ways. Let it sink in as a paradigm for what some call ‘Natural Design’, the way life really ‘works’, by making possible RELATIONSHIP within an irreducible and inseparable unity. It is so beautiful!! What can I say?…..I tend to think musically, and this great mystery is what makes it all so gorgeous. So, the ‘problem’ of how we understand the ‘boundaries of identity’ in academia/education/culture, etc., can be elevated to an advantage. But then there is this: 2. Courage. It takes courage to break out when trapped (and we all are) within a limited system of understanding. It is easy for me to be courageous since my ‘future’ doesn’t depend as yours may, on writing a PhD thesis, and relatively easy for me to say that the expectations of ‘rigor’ from a ‘failed’ system should be dismissed in favor of courageously proposing a different kind of ‘rigor’, one based on the way the universe REALLY works. Your work is admirable, and the time is coming when exploratory creativity and emergent phenomena will revolutionize institutional learning. It is exciting!