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Terri MacKenzie

How fortunate I am to have time to listen to the gorgeous music in the Celtic Mass a mere day after March 17th. If St. Patrick’s celebrations could all incorporate such beauty, what a sacred day it would become! Obviously it’s a gift for any day. Many thanks for creating it and for alerting me/us to its existence. I was also grateful to read Larry’s references to the Cosmic Walk and Genesis Farm. My first experience of a cosmic walk was thanks to Miriam Therese (GEA symposium in 1979). I have always thought she was the originator, though I’m not sure. Whoever started it did a great service to the very many who have prayed it since. I look forward to seeing the variations on that theme. Jennifer, I have suggested to Mary Alice and several others that they check out this group. I hope they all participate! It is so heartening to learn about all those committed to telling the deep time story and to gaining insights into ways of sharing and living it!