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Jennifer Morgan

The Cosmos Series and Climate Change

Two nights ago I attended a screening of an upcoming episode of the Cosmos Series about climate change followed by a panel with Neil de Grasse Tyson and producer of the series Mitchell Cannold. The power of placing EVERYTHING inside the cosmic context was clear — the danger of climate change getting out of control is that Earth could be propelled on a path toward the same fate as Venus where Earth’s feedback loops that keep it in a state that’s hospitable for life could be overwhelmed. At an extreme, water boils off and all life perishes. It’s actually possible. This show is one of the best explanations of the dangers of climate change I’ve seen, explaining the difference between weather and climate, and explaining the magnitude of the human contribution to the problem. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which episode of the upcoming episodes it will be. There are only a few left. If you miss it, you can look on the Cosmos website to watch it even after it has aired.