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Karen Chaffee

Thank you for opening my eyes to some things I didn’t know much about! Since so much of this is outside my experience, I read a little bit.

I read an interesting article about Dewy education at linehttps://www.marxists.org/archive/novack/works/1960/x03.htm (this seems to be a socialist site, but it is the easiest-to read article): ‘The child learns best through direct personal experience. ‘ ‘These experiences should revolve around games and occupations analogous to the activities through which mankind satisfies its basic material needs’ ‘Children soak up knowledge and retain it for use when they are spontaneously induced to look into matters of compelling interest to themselves.’

Please let me know if I have any of this wrong!

Those ideas are intriguing, and seem so correct. To end the article, the author asks: Why aren’t more people therefore using this? One answer could be: It is perhaps difficult to do, especially when the teacher faces standardized tests, and core learning, etc, and has only a textbook, blackboard (or even Smartboard)

So now comes Immersive Education, which I again I had to read about, which uses technology and gaming to allow the student to, perhaps, achieve a Dewey education experience–and Rich Blundell, who is making use of the idea to teach cosmology. Isn’t progress grand?

I read your article (some of it–and I will finish it, but I wanted to comment sooner to get a dialog going) and some of the other articles in that journal (I liked the title ‘Serious Games’ and by the way, that article stressed how hard this is to really do.)

As an educator, I find this all fascinating. Alas, I don’t have an iPhone, but I did watch your video, thanks for posting it so I could see that much.