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Angela Manno

Airing Sunday —

Watch: The Neil deGrasse Tyson climate denier takedown we’ve been waiting for is finally here


From the Salon.com article (link above):
In the upcoming episode of “Cosmos,” host Neil deGrasse Tyson is taking on climate deniers directly — and National Geographic just released the first clip. If these two minutes are any indication of what the rest of the episode (airing Sunday) is going to be like, we can expect a simple, elegant takedown of their most tired and misinformed arguments.

Regarding your post above, Jennifer, I have always known the most likely predicable outcome for the Earth would be to end up like Venus, if we keep doing what we’re doing.

It’s terribly sad, but not unlike the individual that keeps smoking and putting toxic chemicals into his or her body.
Someday the consequences will appear and it will be very hard to stabilize and get back to health. It will require
a complete “lifestyle change” and even then healing is not certain.

That person/patient will also have to understand and start to care about his or her health.Just as we will have to do collectively. Fortunately, people seem to be waking up.