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Orla Hazra

thank you Rich for developing this resource. I have a dinosaur phone but will get my husband to download it to try it out where we are in India. Last year I had met a woman who was a tour guide and writing walking tours of Mumbai for APP download- you are writing a walking tour of the cosmos. Perhaps your project could be developed for geological walking tours of various areas….eg the little big history of Mumbai or Kolkata or San Rafael etc etc. Regarding education please read my thesis from the resource list. I was addressing somatic and narrative ways of knowing, ‘sonar’…the particular sense of unity we have culturally supressed. Evoking that vestigial sense is what we are all about. There are other educators far more explicit than Dewey in regards to ’experience’ included in my thesis. The other limitation with Dewey is that he does not recognize other educational forms in culture which also teach ( family, work and recreation). This limitation is not just with Dewey. The limitation is a big one because it ignores the larger teaching network of culture, the cosmology of a particular culture (either an integral one or a segmented one) and how it is passed on from generation to generation in life practice within the four forms. Thanks again for your creative idea and the importance of getting folks outside…..no child or any folks should be left behind inside! Orla
ps….i love the visual of the big bang aftermath of us at the age of 300,000 years. I always point out that it is our ‘sonagram’!