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Kyle Herman


I can’t imagine how swamped you must be, so I’ll just tantalize you with an excerpt from Montessori’s “Keys to the World” below. However, if I had to recommend one work of hers to you, it would be To Educate the Human Potential. This is a short book (85 pages), but it is dense, and it explores the philosophy and practice of Cosmic Education as defined and designed by Montessori herself. It was originally published in 1948 – as usual, Montessori was well ahead of her time.

“[Cosmic Education] recognizes in all creation a unifying plan upon which depends not only the different forms of living beings, but also the evolution of the earth itself…This education must take its departure and spread from one center, the cosmic plan of creation…In the universal syllabus of studies to which the new generations must apply themselves, all the items of culture must be connected as different aspects of the knowledge of the world and cosmos. Astronomy, geography, geology, biology, physics, chemistry are but details of one whole. It is their relation to one another that urges interest from a center toward its ramifications.”

I’d be happy to share more resources and information if you find a need or have the time.