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Lawrence Edwards

Absolutely right. Many but not all, by any means, human societies have chosen creation stories which place the human in the center. I guess this is understandable. Anyway many cultures did not choose such creation stories. Thousands of years later we now know that we are not and have never been central to the Earth process. But now paradoxically we finally are central, central to the healing of Earth, if it is going to happen.
So I have always never been sure how to express the two-sided reality: we have not been central to Earth life; we are (hopefully) central to healing Earth life.
Yes, if we humans mess it all up and continue the sixth extinction, a couple of million years from now Earth will all be back to some new set of ecological relationships. But I find that a very sad and disappointing prospect. I just can’t grasp that we humans can be so intelligent yet embrace ignorance so enthusiastically.