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Michael Duffy

I think Betsy Coe’s schema for lining up the Planes of Development and Cosmic Education matches our own ideas about the way we develop the Big History story in Montessori – sensorially at the 3-6 age level, intellectually at the 6-12 level, and practically at the middle/high school level. There are definitely practical implications for students who become aware of the Cosmic Education / Big History story, and those are most appropriately addressed at the middle / high school level. The intellectual acquisition of the overall story at the elementary level may be earlier than envisioned by Big History proponents, but we believe it is appropriate for students this age. Obviously, they can’t acquire as deep and understanding of the story as older students, but they should at least have a firm grasp of the overall story by the time they leave Montessori upper elementary classrooms.
Michael and D’Neil