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Dr. Betsy Coe

I, too, am interested in learning more about Earth Charter and how it can apply to our secondary program.

Kyle, yes it is very frustrated with the demands that your school district making on your program. There is work to be done at every level of Montessori when it comes to navigating the testing culture. The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (www.public-montessori.org) supported by AMS and AMI has been formed to advocate for Montessori publically funded schools be more authentic. I have adolescents programs that have navigated the culture well with their school district and others who struggle. In my experience Montessori organizations or teacher education programs usually cannot tell a school district what to do unless they are a current practicum site. That is why in 1990 David Kahn and I wrote a document call Essential Elements of Successful Montessori Schools in the Public Sector which all Montessori organizations endorsed. It needs to be updated which I believe the National Center will be doing. The last AMS conference in Dallas, which I co-chaired had two adolescent workshops options at each time period which is a nice portion of the conference that serves at least 8 different tracks of levels (one being Montessori public school). So as the number of adolescent programs grow there are more and more opportunities for more resources as you suggested we need. I believe the Montessori community is working on it; it is frustrating when we trying to change the paradigm of educational values.