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Jonathan Tweet

These guidelines are really beautiful and poetic. I like how the material of each stage builds on what’s come before. I’m something of a rebel, however, and my approach would probably be a little different. My background as an educator is only as a Sunday school teacher (Unitarian), so take what I say with a grain of salt. The way these three planes move from sensation to intellect to purpose reminds me of popular psychological ideas, in which a child is a fresh mind that develops morality and other higher cognition later. In my way of looking at it, even very young children engage the world on a moral level thanks to their social instincts. Their minds, as I see it, are fresh but also ancient. So I’d try introducing intellectual instruction (stories) and life purposes (society) a little earlier. But I do love how school “subjects” are styled as “stories” or “lessons.” That’s a great way to think about them.