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Imogene Drummond

What a fascinating and informative conversation! I’m impressed and excited by the connections you all are making between diverse ideas/theories and practices. It is extremely heartening to learn how deeply the Montessori Cosmic Education is founded on and integrated with the story of the universe. I agree with Michael Duffy that children need to experience the cosmic story at an early age in order to integrate it later in their lives; and with Kyle Herman that academic focus for teens needs to be seen through the lens of Cosmic Education. Your comments make so much sense. Betsy Coe and Sam Guarnaccia’s ideas about planes of development, spiral dynamics, waves of development, and learning are exceptional, heady, and inspired! As life and learning are dynamic and non-linear, the idea of a spiral curriculum, waves and planes resonates with me deeply. In my opinion, The Earth Charter is the result of a lot of highly conscious, far-sighted thought and work. I think incorporating it in schools is a brilliant way to make learning/education and The Earth Charter more integrated in our lives.

Thank you all for such enlightened and stimulating comments. Learning about ways the story of the universe is informing education, and of connections between diverse areas is uplifting and encouraging! A truly exceptional forum!