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Orla Hazra

It is wonderful to have parallel models to integrate and make our classroom experiences richer, appropriate and transformative.
The Earth Charter is a crucial document because it outlines principles for life practice based on the understanding of our evolutionary universe and integral understanding. I have used it in retreat settings and with a few school teacher training programmes and one CSR programme only after spending extensive time with the story…the understanding has to be there before the integral principles can be practiced. The Earth Charter Plus 10 conference was in India a few years ago…a simultaneous one with others around the world. I had submitted a paper showing Tarumitra as a model of honoring the Earth charter in both understanding and practice but it was not accepted. The conference was devoted to ‘environmental ‘practices of various schools and a few industries and some arts but I doubt if the children knew at a fundamental level ‘why’ they were doing what they were doing, becuase the integral understanding is not there. Once they graduate and move out of school they will enter corporations with visions and practices not based on the understanding of our integral nature. Ireland has the highest number of Green flag Schools (see FEE international programme)yet also the 6th highest carbon footprint. The major cause of death there in young men now is suicide…so using homiletic language and practices to care for Earth, without the integral understanding is not good. The Montessori Cosmic Education would be a perfect place to embellish life through the principles of the Earth Charter.