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Duane Elgin

The current IBHA newsletter raises the key issue of whether Big History is at a crossroads, divided into two camps of “scientists and spiritualists.” Joseph Voros revealed the reality of deep division when he stated that “Big History is a scientific, research-based discipline with core points that are not discussable. Religion and spirituality are not part of that core . . . “  

It is extraordinary to hear that spirituality is “not discussable”! To me, this view is stunning in its exclusionary, narrow and shallow description of Big History. In my presentation at the Big History conference I concluded:

It is scientifically valid, critical to our pathway into the future, and enormously enriching to bring a living systems paradigm into big history as a legitimate track of discovery and development.  I will add the overall presentation from the Big History conference in the resource section. See: “Deep Big History: A Living Systems Paradigm.”