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Jonathan Tweet

The way I see it, the science people at the IBHA are going to accept spiritual contributions only if they’re clearly distinguished from the science. I’m happy to see mystics at an IBHA conference, but scientists will want a clear demarcation between their work and nature mysticism. If you can convince them of your case scientifically, you’re in. If your argument is by analogy, that the universe is like a living system, then I wouldn’t expect them to treat that as science. What’s the difference between the universe being an organism and the universe being like an organism? Why do you insist that it is alive rather than us all agreeing that it’s like a living thing? Maybe I’m missing something, but I can see why science types would not look favorably on your argument by analogy. I wish it were as easy as saying, “Duane is right so he should be able to give his talk his way,” but in science it’s not about being right. It’s about having scientific evidence. Get the scientific evidence, and you’ll be welcome. If the scientific evidence isn’t sufficient, then the ideas are art instead of science. And I love art!