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Duane Elgin

Thanks Jonathan. No “sorry” needed as your views are important and respected. My approach has been to ask, “What are the core properties of living systems and does our universe exhibit those properties as viewed through the lens of science?” As I look at the scientific evidence (as I summarized in my paper Deep Big History), the evidence seems to point more in the direction of regarding the universe as a living system than a non-living system. Importantly, this inquiry is not about an “analogy” for describing the universe but a scientific exploration to describe the basic nature of living systems and then do scientific research to see if those properties are actually found in the universe described by science. I am very open to exploring, with a scientific lens, each of these properties of our universe to see if they are valid within the realm of accepted science–and I think they are. I am puzzled why you insist on calling this description of living systems “spiritual” and “mystical” when I use neither of these terms and the evidence I refer to comes from the domain of science. Lastly, I want to reiterate, I see a living systems paradigm as one legitimate track in developing big history. I do not see it as the only track but as one, scientifically legitimate approach for understanding the history of the universe and humanity.