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Orla Hazra

Good Morning, Namaste from India!  This morning I attended the AMS sponsored course taught by our own DTJ member Michael Duffy named ‘Using Cosmic Education to teach Peace and Social Justice’.  Michael stressed the importance of Maria Montessori’s original vision of Cosmic Education and how that signature pedagogy supports and fosters integral understanding….and a resulting life practice of peace and social justice.  The Montessori method of cosmic education recognizes that each child has a cosmic task. From our understanding (in this case of our common ancestry based on our Universe Story/Big History etc) we have a cosmic task based on our common ancestry, unity in diversity and our interdependence.  My interest is in cosmology…the two sided process of understanding and practice that we pass on through the generations.  It is either integral or ‘Cartesian’.  Michael offered the global community the original integral vision of Montessori and her pedagogical method to foster it in schools.  It is only through an integral cosmology that young people today will be able to understand and practice lives supporting Earths flourishing with peace and justice for all.  In the question and answer session Michael conveyed the importance of fostering ‘understanding’ and not ‘guilt’ in relation to life practices e.g.  what are the consequences of consumptive behaviors for environmental and social justice issues….always coming back to understanding …so that the child develops skills of discernment based not on ‘shoulds’ but on an integral understanding…and each age group has interventions based on their capacity for understanding (these levels/panes of development are part of the DTJ conversation already)


Thank you DTJ network for facilitating and promoting the various strands active around the planet for promoting integral understanding ..our hope for the future as we each practice our cosmic task supporting the flourishing of all.