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Imogene Drummond

Hi Duane, Jonathan, and Jennifer,


I find this a thoroughly fascinating conversation.  @duane: I greatly admire and respect your work supporting and promoting Living in a Living Universe and Great Transition Stories. I also agree with the clarity of your statement on your DTJN profile that “With deep time comes not only a longer sense of perspective but also a deeper and wider sense of perspective as well.” This makes so much sense. The necessity for multi-dimensional understanding of the universe is vitally important.  As I wrote the “other” letter (not the one Jennifer refers to in her initial post on this thread) in the IBHA ORIGINS newsletter in which I proposed that the IBHA expand their identity to include both scientific and meta-scientific approaches, I’m interested to hear your response to my ideas. Perhaps I could have described including “meta-scientific” approaches as providing wider and deeper understanding of the universe—and a wider and deeper IBHA identity.


I’d love to hear your feedback. For my article, see pp 23-25. Here’s a link to the ORIGINS newsletter: http://ibhanet.org/Resources/Documents/newsletters/Origins_IV_10.pdf

I appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully other DTJN members.

Warm regards,
Imogene Drummond, MSW, MFA