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Jennifer Morgan

Thanks Imogene for sending your letter to IBHA with the intent of expanding the definition of Big History.  @Duane . . . Duane, I agree with your critique of the view that religion/spirituality aren’t discussable, and should be.   On the other hand, is there a particular and very important niche and role that Big History is filling?  It may not be able to be all things to all people.  The leadership of IBHA is more oriented toward a narrower definition, and this narrower focus may help to get it into academia.  Big History is riding a knife’s edge.  What do you think about the  suggestion about labeling talks for the next conference?  Further, is there a role here that DTJN should be fulfilling?  That is, how are we creating a LIVING COSMOLOGY for our time that is: intellectually rigorous, affectively engaging, personally and culturally meaningful, and guides us in right relationship with each other, Earth/Cosmos?