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Stephan Martin

Hi Orla,

What terrific courses you are teaching and involved with!  Since I teach college astronomy primarily, it’s relatively easy to organize the course around an evolutionary cosmic perspective, and I often show “Journey of the Universe” early on to give the students the context and direction we’re moving. With your environment course, a big picture perspective seems natural as you zoom out to show that all environmental discussions take place in an interrelated global or cosmic context. A course on values brings to mind Thomas Berry’s writings on the ecozoic vision for education and also Joanna Macy and John Seed’s work on the Council of All Beings, showing that value systems are also embedded in an ecological and global context with the views and values of many of the non-human stakeholders not usually being represented in values discussions.  All of these sources have “proper” academic credentials and should be no problem passing standards for academic courses. Thanks for your work in bringing a much needed perspective to these academic fields!

Steve Martin