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Orla Hazra

Thank you very much Steve!

 I am aware it is being done and it is great to see ‘how’ it is being done.  My usual site for sharing the story has been at retreats or to teachers in seminars encouraging them to engage with the material….never in a regular semester length course with the institutional requirements.  It will be a challenge at the beginning because i do not get back to India from vacation until 4 august and the courses begin late june so my colleague will need to begin on his own but we are meeting tomorrow to start working on how to pace the courses to accomodate that.  Unfortunatly the students don’t even want to hear the word ‘environment’ anymore, don’t buy the book and only cram at the end for the exams……In a way that is good- we will offer them something completly new and different and fun- but the word is out that the course is ‘bad’!

The values one will surely be deepened by what strategy we did with the other course, and like you said, the Earth Democracy/Council of all Beings takes ‘rights and justice’ and topics of ‘ownership and makes current understandings redundant and evokes others. 


thanks again!