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Jennifer Morgan

Thanks Jon.  For this conversation to be helpful, let’s look at a specific statement that Duane is making and evaluate whether it is:

A) A science-based statement that most of the science community would subscribe to.
B) A statement that’s an “interpretation” of science-based statements that most of the science community would not subscribe to, at least not at this time.  If it is B, it may be valid for creating a paradigm, but it’s important to be clear that there is not consensus in the scientific community regarding the paradigm, at least not at this time.  In my many years of experience with scientists at Princeton and elsewhere, there’s nothing that drives scientists more bonkers than people making statements, as interesting and valid and they might be, without making the distinction between science-based statements that have consensus in the science community and interpretations of science-based statements.
The “Approaches to a Science-Based Origin Story” paper that I’m working on is about creating a map, or topology, of different views.  It’s attempt to identify the strictly evidence-based lineages from other lineages that interpret science and create paradigms based on science.  Evolution is so messy, particularly the evolution of ideas.  What we’re about here is cutting edge, where science is being integrated into culture in so many different ways impacting human identity and behavior.  The care and rigor we bring to this project is so important. 
So, as you suggest Jon . . . how about starting with metabolism?
What do scientists say about metabolism — statements that enjoy consensus?
What statement(s) are you making about metabolism Duane?  Are they a departure from statements that enjoy consensus in the science community.  If so how?  Why is this important? 
Thanks for prompting this important discussion Duane.