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Jennifer Morgan

First, Duane, I really admire the way you’re putting the Living Systems Paradigm out there for scrutiny.  Not everyone has the guts to do what you’re doing.  This is a profound and complex inquiry and it would be good to bring in scientists and also philosophers of science to take this conversation to the level where it needs to go.  It certainly does seem that some of the patterns that distinguish life are also happening at the universe level in some form.   But I would like to get biologists and astrophysicists involved.  Jon, you’re our lone scientist for the moment so it would be great to hear your view.  Duane, do you know Fritjof Capra?  If so, can you invite him into the conversation. 


I’m leaving tomorrow morning early for Indiana to give a program and so may not respond right away.  All of you might also reach out to others who you feel would be able to contribute to the conversation.