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Linda Fitch

Dear Folks,

Never has there been any kind of serial narrative more fascinating (to me at least) than the conversations that have shot back and forth  in the past few days.  I sincerely hope that it all continues and that nobody bows out. 

Though I grew up in a culture of science, with my physicist uncle Val (Fitch) and his brother (my father) talking about k mesons, leptons, and “naked charm” at the dinner table, I always felt on the outside of science and occupied, for many years, the world of the humanities and the arts.

I an seated, at the moment, in the Peanut Gallery of your conversations and very much appreciate what I am reading.  Please keep it up.  Your perspectives, whether in conflict or not, are of immeasurable value.

Jim M., I’m so hoping that you and Lois Byrne will come to Isle La Motte, VT next summer to see the “Walk Through Time” exhibit set up in the context of our 83 acre Ordovician fossil preserve.  My unexpected battle, in the mid 1990s, to preserve these ancient outcrops  gave rise to my first faint interests in science (ie what happened  480 million years ago, what happened before and what happened after.) I very much appreciate what I am learning – among other things and particularly from you – about the legacy of Lynn Margulis.

To Duane, Jon, Jim, Steve, and all: I am honored to be walking in the outskirts of your worlds.  My thanks for your sharings.

Linda Fitch