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Ed Lantz

Thanks for the background info, Davidson.  It’s great that we’re such a multidisciplinary group!  


I have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in quantum physics, plasma physics and electromagnetics (my professor was a physicist). Prior to that I studied digital and analog circuit design. For 7 years I led optical signal processing R&D for DOD and other clients as a government contractor then quit my job to work in a planetarium writing code to drive star, sun and moon projectors and automate the theater. I then went to work for a planetarium manufacturer and designed digital dome theaters around the world, including the Library of Alexandria’s planetarium in Egypt and Domo Digital at Papalote Museo in Mexico City. I left the dome world to launch Harmony Channel, one of the first VOD networks in Comcast on 14 million homes. I am now running a company that is bringing the digital dome technology into mainstream entertainment and we create mobile 360 VR cinemas and 4D theaters for corporate branding and develop live arts and entertainment programming as well. We operate a 50′ dome studio in downtown LA called the Vortex Dome. I want to tell transformative stories in these powerful theater environments that can also distribute to VR headsets.


In addition to being a natural scientific thinker, I have been meditating since a teenager and have studied Theosophy, shamanism and other wisdom paths and am ordained as an interfaith minister (primarily because I wanted to study world religions).  I consider myself to be an a pragmatist, an open minded and curious scientist, a determined entrepreneur and a fearless mystic. I’m super passionate about helping to advance the evolution of human consciousness. I believe Ray Kurzweil is right – the computational capacity of our computing systems are going to exceed the intellectual capacities of our brains in a few decades due to Moore’s Law. I want to see a corresponding Moore’s Law geometric increase in human wisdom to go along with this.  


And reading Wittgenstein makes my head hurt.