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Duane Elgin

Hi Jonathan,


Thanks for your wise reflections. My hope has been that Big History would be big enough to allow other paradigms–a living systems paradigm–to be considered. I see that this is not the case despite the catastrophic consequences for the Earth that are being fostered by the scientific–and social–paradigm of materialism. As you suggest, I am already working with various other organizations that are more amenable to exploring a living systems perspective (I don’t think of this as “mysticism” as I don’t know what that word means for most people and I did not use that word in my presentations to the Big History community). I do, however, think there is an “ecology of consciousness” which is an integral and highly functional aspect of our universe and this eco-system of consciousness has been demonstrated in years of rigorous laboratory experiments in which I have participated. So, for me, this is not about theism or atheism or mysticism etc., but rather about how the universe works and whether it is more accurate to describe it as a mechanical system or as a living system. I will take your thoughts to heart that people make decisions primarily by emotions, intuition and the prevailing views of others.