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Karen Chaffee

I may as well say, that when reading Duane’s four criteria, another idea from my salon jumped into my head, but it doesn’t involve metabolism.  It touches on the last criterion, adaption.
Since all the weirdnesses of the electron conspire to create the hugely unstable hydrogen atom (i.e., a repository of potential energy)  and because this happened early on in the big bang, and because I can come up with no other explanation for the weirdness, maybe universes need to have stored energy to thrive.  Maybe those universes that don’t collapse.
I see a huge analogy to ”survival of the fittest’.
I don’t have even vaguely the physics training to suggest why a universe would need to store energy.
But as you see Duane, I love to speculate about stuff, and I did see you getting ‘pushed back’ for speculating, so I’ll join you, a little nervously.
Does anyone else have ideas about potential ‘adaptations’?