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Jennifer Morgan

Dear ALL,

Thanks Duane for prompting this remarkable outpouring of 82 comments and for bringing people into the Network who might not have known about it — Ed, Elisabet Sahtouris, David Korten, and others. Wishing you all the best with moving and please check in.

Thanks to everyone else — Lowell, Jon, Jim, Karen, Ursula, Ed, Davidson, Stephen, Jonathan, and Linda for representing so many different fields — physics, chemistry, biology, theology, philosophy and more — showing the complexity of the subject. I’ve learned a heck of a lot.

No need to stop the conversation. Lots more needs to be said re this subject of “science-based statements” vs. statements that are outside of science — valid and important in other ways, and perhaps will be proven in the future but are not subscribed to by much of the science community at this point. Many gray areas, as the conversation shows, for sure, as new discoveries are made and gain, or not, consensus in the science community.

One of the visions in founding this Network was to offer a place where people with hugely different perspectives, who might not otherwise meet, can come together and interact in ways that help all of us to further develop our understanding. Duane, deep gratitude to you for starting a conversation that brought the Network to another level of engagement.

Re future conversations: This site has considerable capability for engaging in PUBLIC and PRIVATE conversations.

1. The Sitewide Forum, where the current conversation is happening, can be used for conversations on any topic you choose (that has a deep time perspective). To initiate a new sitewide conversation, simply go to the “Forum” under “About” on the menu bar and select “Create a New Topic” (top right). Then, invite people to join the topic. I can also announce it in a News Feed, if you want. Any Contributing Member can join sitewide conversations.

2. Group discussions can also take place that are: PUBLIC, PRIVATE, or HIDDEN.
To start a group:
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Let me know if you’d like any help in starting any kind of group/conversation.  And if you have suggestions for the Network, please let me know about them.  We’re just beginning.