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Karen Chaffee

 James, I hate to get into an argument on this beautiful day, but you did bring  it up again (above) and I had thought of a rebuttal to your idea that bacteria are more worthy because they can survive in more difficult places and are more robust then we are (I thought of this at the time we were arguing before, but didn’t post it).


Think of a piece of monopoly money, and think of Michelangelo’s David.  Now imagine dropping a huge weight on both of them.  The monopoly money would survive, but is it truly more wonderful?  


In all honesty, I always feel a little injured at your insistence that bacteria are better than me.  I’m great, I’m part of God’s creation (or the universes!) , I don’t want to dis their work, I’m me, bacteria are okay too, they have their advantages, I have mine.    Something that’s a bit more resilient might be so because it is simple.   Maybe this artificial life that Ursula spoke of is even more resilient and simple.  Something more complex might be more interesting. You say that I am made of single cells and bacteria, but bacteria are made of atoms, and atoms are made of sub atomic particles.  Are atoms better than bacteria?   I really just don’t get this.  It’s so opinion based. not scientific, whether bacteria are better, or people.   I guess you can have your opinion, but it feels like an insult every time you say it!  (If we are going into this whole discussion again, we’d better take it to the original page. )