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Ed Lantz

<p>Karen wrote: “Okay, I see–the percentage of scientists who are good story tellers is the same as the percentage of people in general then–it’s not some characteristic of scientists that makes them bad story tellers?”</p><p> </p><p>No, not any more than a car mechanic or a store clerk would be a good or bad storyteller… Storytelling (including filmmaking, game development, writing, directing, etc.) is a profession. Professional storytellers take years to perfect their craft. It is a lot to expect a scientist who has spent their career doing theoretical or experimental research to suddenly become a great storyteller. Even if they are a good communicator, storytelling often combines multiple media modalities – music, art, technology, etc. – to engender deep emotional engagement.</p><p> </p><p>The challenge before us is not simply one of communicating information (though there is indeed important information to be communicated). The greater challenge is to get people to care, to grok the significance, to feel empathy and to feel motivated to act. Then we need to give them tools for action.  </p><p> </p><p>We are ushering in new worldviews – cosmic worldviews where our eyes and ears are powerful satellites orbiting the earth, probes journeying into the depths of space and visceral journeys into other worlds and cultures. Virtual reality and immersive media technologies can deliver these experiences in new and powerful ways. We can fly through scientific datasets or through the mind of an artist or monk. This is my focus – delivering powerful transformative experiences using advanced media modalities that enlighten, awaken, dazzle and entertain.</p>