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Ed Lantz

James: “I think there is a danger of personal prejudices, judgments and opinions being presented as if there is data to back them up…. It is fine to have all kinds of discussions, such as this one, but it should not be mistaken for a scientific discussion which it is not. I would recommend not using terms from science which have specific meanings. Paradigms, hypotheses, theories and even facts have specific definitions. I don’t think any discussion is facilitated in clarity when terminology is misused.”


James, perhaps you can help keep us on track by pointing out specific biases and misused terms.


Regarding my comments about scientists not being good storytellers and interpreters of data, this is clearly a generalization. What I am trying to express is that there are storytellers and visionaries by profession who are really, really good at their craft and can work hand-in-hand with scientists to interpret their data (in a wider, more holistic sense) and communicate it in a way that more deeply engages the public. Expecting a person to be a good scientist and a good storyteller is a tall order.