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Duane Elgin

Karen and Ed,


I’d like to respond to your conversation regarding scientists as story tellers. A big part of the challenge is not the story telling ability of scientists but rather the story they are telling. If the perceived story is shallow and restricted then it will be reflected in the story that is told. If the universe is regarded as non-living at its foundations, then, in its depths it has no feelings for us as human beings nor does it offer a sense of meaning and purpose. A non-living universe is unconscious at its foundations and is indifferent to humanity and unknowing of our evolving creations and conditions. Nothing matters to non-living matter. An old saying goes, “A dead man tells no stories.” In a similar way, “A dead universe tells no stories.” In contrast, a living universe is itself a vast story continuously unfolding with countless characters playing out gripping dramas of awakening. In turn, could the essence of learning embodied in countless life stories be remembered within invisible or non-material ecologies of a living universe and passed along to enhance the field of intelligence on behalf of other cosmic systems blossoming within a larger multi-verse? That is a big and beautiful story!