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Ursula Goodenough

Duane — Seems like we’ve circled back to one of the first exchanges in this thread, where you voiced something along these lines and I responded with something about “the grunge theory of matter.” The concept that matter is not alive doesn’t mean it’s “dead.” It means it’s something other than an organism which, on our planet and possibly elsewhere, organizes matter to give rise to particular properties, like metabolism, that are associated in most minds with being alive, properties that cease to function when the organism dies and matter returns to its non-living state.  


I, for one, and I am not alone, have no problem with the concept of a universe that has no feelings for us as human beings etc. Rather, this understanding nurtures my humility, and fuels my astonishment that I have the life that I have given its stunning improbability.   


We’re obviously all entitled to our metaphors of choice, and the-universe-is-alive is clearly your choice. What several of us here are urging you and others in your project to do is to be responsible in citing scientific support for your metaphors, and to develop your perspective without disparaging scientists and others who have a different take on the matter.