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Duane Elgin

No disparagement of scientists is intended. My understanding of a “materialist” view of the universe is summarized in the following propositions (which I understand may not reflect your own):

• Measurable matter is the only reality and is essentially mechanical in its workings.


• At the foundations of existence, matter is without consciousness or subjectivity.


• Because there is no underlying “presence” or awareness, nature has no purpose and evolution has no inherent meaning.


• Consciousness is largely unique to humans, is a by-product bio-chemistry and is confined within the brain.

These premises (which, as I understand it, are at the foundations of scientific materialism) do suggest the very limited “story of the universe” that I described. I have presented my own premises about the nature of the universe and its attributes as a unique kind of living system in previous postings but would be happy to repeat them again if that seems helpful.