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Ursula Goodenough


Since current calculations have “ordinary matter” being only 1-5% of the total universe, there’s lots else!


We may have different definitions of mechanical, but for me nuclear fusion, for example, isn’t mechanical in the folk understanding of the word.


Yes on 2.


Purpose shows up with organisms on this planet, as elaborated here http://www.edtechpost.ca/readings/Ursula%20Goodenough-%20The%20Sacred%20Emergence%20of%20Nature.pdf


Consciousness is another one of those definition things. In my vocabulary, all organisms are aware; brain-based consciousness shows up in animals with brains; I-self consciousness, a product of symbolic language, is unique to humans with symbolic-language-competent brains. Jury still out as to whether animals like bonobos who are trained in symbolic language develop an I-self consciousness. To repeat, this is a definition thing, but for me, attributing consciousness to matter doesn’t work at any level, nor does that make matter any less interesting or important. 


From my perspective, these premises do not generate a “very limited” story of the universe. They generate a fascinating story. Doesn’t float your boat? Go for another. Only please make let us know the evidence for your premises, at least on this evidence-based site, and please pay us the courtesy of responding when we challenge features of what you offer as evidence.