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Jennifer Morgan

I continue to be completely riveted with this discussion.

Ed, you have a remarkable way of making distinctions between evidence based approaches and direct experience of the oneness of everything. This is exactly the distinction I’m making in the “Approaches to an Origin Story” paper that I’m working on. A revised version incorporating feedback will be back up for comment soon.


I am in a program and will write more later, but I wanted to ask all of you a question. Developing definitions for key terms has come up several times throughout this discussion and I’d like propose that we jointly come up with definitions that everyone can agree to. I’m working with Shane the programmer to develop “docs” a program in which DTJN members can work on the same document. The words so far (others?) that have come up (that need agreed upon definitions) are:




Having these definitions in place for this and future discussions would be hugely helpful.


Re storytelling, here’s a picture of me giving a workshop in Cosmic Education and Storytelling for the Bay Area Montessori Association in San Mateo, CA last Saturday (wearing the star covered robe of course). Also, just gave a teacher in service program in the Community Montessori Charter School, New Albany, Indiana, for all teachers, 0 to 18 in Cosmic Education Across All Levels.  Simple storytelling, in the dark around a candle continues to be deeply powerful, even in our high tech age.