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Jennifer Morgan

Hi Ursula,


The full day programs for teachers (Montessori Cosmic Education as a Continuum Across All Levels) that I give generally include the following:


1.  Circle dance.


2.  Discuss Context — An Evolving Universe


3.  An overview of the scientific narrative from 13.8 billion years ago to today.   


4.  Show “The Known Universe” video developed by the American Museum of Natural History set to Hans Zimmer as a meditation.  There are other videos too that I show, for them to sit quietly and internalize the magnitude of the story.


5.  The origin of Cosmic Education when Montessori was under house arrest in India as an Italian national.  Also cover Big History and work of Thomas Berry/Brian Swimme.


6.  Cosmic Education as a Pedagogy and as a means of creating a “New Human” through education . . . humans who know where they come from and their role as a “cosmic agent.”


6.  Definition of Cosmic Education.  https://dtnetwork.org/resource/definition-of-cosmic-education-2/


7.  Cosmic Education as developed for the Elementary level with Five Great Stories: Stories of Universe, Life, Humans, Communication and Math . . . all nested stories, each told as evolutionary stories.  All subject are hung on this scaffolding.


8.  Interiority of Teacher and Student


9.   Cosmic Gift/Task.  Understanding that everything has a gift/task . . . bacteria, plants . . . something it does for itself and for the whole.  This concept is brought home to the students through the Great Stories/Lessons/experiments and art projects. 


10.  The Planes of Development and Cosmic Education, what’s appropriate for each level, and how each one prepares the student for the next level.


11.   Explaining Cosmic Education to parents and handling questions about religion.


12.   Discussion about the importance of storytelling for igniting the imagination, and using the story on which to hang all information.  Discussion about finding voice.


13.   Model storytelling.  Have teachers tell stories in groups. 


14.  Have all teachers act out one of the Great Stories, groups take a piece of the story.


15.   Work individually to set goals for implementation of Cosmic Education, then work in groups with their levels, then work with teachers in different levels.


16.  Share the fruits of the day. 


17.  Music to dance to and clean up the room and prepare to leave.  I like “The Particle Dance” for this.  Please leave in a great mood after a wonderful day.


These trainings can be hugely impactful, with teachers seeing themselves, teaching, and their students, and everything, very differently by the end of the day.  Would be much better to have several days, but one day is usually what happens.