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Duane Elgin

Wise words Elisabet:  “My choice, like yours Duane, is for life, AND I have no need to convince those making the other choice that they are wrong. Why don’t we just take a straw vote of how many in this dialogue make each choice and get on with defining the other terms?”
This seems like a productive approach to me Elisabet as I have never sought to make those with a non-living view of the universe “wrong,” rather, as I wrote at the close of my essay on Deep Big History: “It is scientifically valid, critical to our pathway into the future, and enormously enriching to bring a living systems paradigm into big history as a legitimate track of discovery and development.” In other words two or more tracks of discovery and development are fine with me as I view all paradigms as provisional. I was simply asking that a living systems perspective not be excluded from our inquiry.